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A new generation of green glazed glass



The glazed glass is a kind of sound insulation,heat insulation,pervious to light good blame bearing adornment material,by two half base under high temperature welding.The glazed glass is widely used in building decoration for its colorful brightness,long-lasting effect. Various designs,outstanding decoration effects,superexcellent shielding and sunny control.

The new generation of glazed glass gives excellent performance on reduction of heat gain or loss.

Insulated glass is made of two or more pieces of tempered glass for safety purpose with the middle part separated by the hollow Aluminium spacer which is filled with the drier.The hollow glass part is filled with dry air or inert gas and sealed by butyl glue,sulfur glue of structural sealant.

Insulating glass unit filled with the inert gas is excellent in heat and sound insulation,meeting the requirements for energy saving and environmental protection.

Meanwhile, the glass sheet could be Low-e glass,reflective glass or float in various colors for different functions.

Excellent shielding effect ensures the privacy in life and work.

The green glazed glass can be used in various processing such as coating film,mezzanine and cavity.