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CDTV reporting CCIE¡¯s Imported Alfalfa Business from America

    On Sep. 17, 2014, CDTV reported CCIE’s imported alfalfa business from America on its evening Chengshi News. Mr. Lu Kai, President of CCIE briefed this business.

In order to improve the quality of the dairy products in China and meet the demand of Chinese people for food safety, CCIE invested and established Chengdu Gaoxin Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. in June 2012 with one of the main business scope being importing high quality alfalfa from America and supply it to big domestic dairy farms in China. Within two years, Chengdu Gaoxin Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. grasped opportunities for fast development in a proactive manner and become the leading importer of alfalfa in the current Chinese market. In 2013, we imported around 120,000 MT of alfalfa bales, taking up 15.88% of China’s total (755,600 MT), one of the biggest importers in China. CCIE welcomes a stronger momentum in its imported alfalfa business development in 2014.