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Raise Us Up, Stabilize Current Promising Business and Strive for Opportunities & Changes

    Mountains clad in verdure sit in surrounding beautiful scenery. CCIE gathered all of its employees to head for the splendid Northern Rose, Chiang Mai, Tailand and open its annual meeting on Jan. 17, 2015.

The annual meeting was held in the FURAMA Hotel at the foot of Doi Suthep Mountain on Jan. 18.

At 10 a.m., heads of the business departments, administration department, financial department and project management department gave reports on the summary of 2014 and planning for 2015 in sequence.

The conference continued with managers in charge commenting respective work reports in details and offering respective suggestions and hopes followed by President Lu Kai’s summary speech on behalf of the BOD of CCIE.

President Lu firstly informed the attendants various statistics related to CCIE’s business and performance in 2014 and said that all of the CCIE people have headed for the hardships, wore through thin and thick together and made great but hard-won strides under the pressure of the macro-economic development going downward. When planning for 2015, President Lu pointed out that we should all stick to the path of “stabilize current promising business and strive for opportunities and changes”, saying that each and every member of CCIE should stabilize and further develop the current promising businesses that we are good at and at the mean time, we should all open our minds and strive for new opportunities and changes. On one hand, we can develop new business operation model with our customers and explore new products. On the other hand, we should better our attitude towards work and further reform our management.

On the evening of 18th and the morning of 19th, all the departments had heated discussions separately. The group discussion has pointed a clearer direction for further effort, elaborated a more specific plan for 2015 and built stronger confidence to tackle various difficulties.

In the next few days, everyone went for sight-seeing to walk down exotic alleys in the ancient city, feel simple folkway, appreciate spectacular cultural heritages and enjoyed delicious Thai cuisine.