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CCIE Held the 2017 Honoring Ceremony




   In the morning of February 12, 2018 (27th of the first lunar month), CCIE 2017 Annual Honoring Ceremony was held in the Conference Room of CCIE Mansion to award the employees who made outstanding contributions to the development of the company in 2017.

 On the ceremony, General Manager Xu Chenhui announced the list of Leading Departments and Outstanding Employees elected. President Lu Kai extended, on behalf of the Board of CCIE,  warmest congratulations to the award winners for their dedicated spirit, outstanding performance and great achievements and he also expressed his heartfelt thanks to the unremitting efforts of all staff and the strong support of their families. President Lu Kai wished all staff and their family members a joyful, peaceful and fruitful New Year.

   Leaders of CCIE presented trophies and prizes to the Leading Departments and Outstanding Employees, then speeches were given by the award winners, who expressed their determination to cherish the good platform of the company to generate more success.

     After the Honoring Ceremony, all people gathered in the canteen to welcome the new spring. Employees raised their glasses to express gratitude and blessings, gave and took red envelopes spontaneously, which promoted the spring dinner to the climax.


Attached List of Award Winners:

Advanced Department: Business Unit 2

Excellent staff: Mr Sun Jiawei, Mr Jiang Zhigang, Ms Zhang Zhiding, MsHuang Xiaoling, Mr He Yankun, Ms Zhang Lei and Mr Chen Yong.