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Fortify Confidence with United Efforts and Endeavor for Greater Success Based on the Past


    The weather is still favorable and environment desirable during the Great Cold in Chinese solar terms in Tengchong, Yunnan.

    Having worked so hard for one year, all CCIE people came to the beautiful and comfortable place Tengchong on Januaray 19th, 2018 for the annual meeting of the company.

    In the morning of 20th, the annual meeting was held in the Laifeng Conference Room of Tengchong Guanfang Hotel. At 9:30 am, heads of the Business Departments, Finance Department and Administration Department gave reports on the summary of 2017 and planning for 2018 in sequence. Subsequently, the VPs reviewed the work of various departments and offered suggestions in details and hopes for the future work.

    In the afternoon, General Manager Xu chenghui made a work report entitled Fortify Confidence with United Efforts and Endeavor for Greater Success Based on the Past divided into three parts: work summary for 2017, the current situation, and deployment for 2018. 

    GM Xu summed up the outstanding achievements that the company have achieved when facing a number of uncertainties in 2017 under the leadership of President Lu Kai and other VPs of CCIE, which laid a solid foundation for further progress in 2018. Furthermore, GM Xu analyzed the favorable and downside situation faced by the company in 2018 from both positive and negative aspects. In the end, GM Xu called on all the staff of CCIE to work together for greater progress by adhering to the companys overall tactics.

1. Remain true to our original aspirations, love CCIE genuinely and devote to the spirit of CCIE.

2. Cherish the platform of CCIE, make steady progress, further enhance the existing businesses and create distinct advantages.

3. Seize the opportunity, actively develop new businesses, seek opportunities in the differences, conscientiously implement and actively promote the business in the very beginning.

4. Integrate service quality and administration and generate favorable performance in Finance and Administration Department.

5. Better the healthy corporate culture and strengthen the institutionalization and delicacy management.

6. Set out work tasks and objectives of 2018.

    Finally, Mr Lu kai, President of CCIE, made an important speech. He fully affirmed that the company has successfully created a transformation path in 2017. On the one hand, it shift from the previous credit advantage to the service advantage; on the other hand, CCIE has effectively explored several self-operated business. In planning the work for 2018, President Lu asked everyone at presence to fortify confidence, seize business opportunities for CCIE in the new era while looking out for various risks, make steady progress in agency business and bring out our strength to make up for the weakness in the self-operated business. At the same time, he longed for a stronger and more disciplined team and a curious and creative enterprise.

    On the evening of 20th and the morning of 21st, all the departments had heated discussions separately. The group discussion has pointed a clearer direction for further effort, elaborated a more specific plan for 2018 and built stronger confidence to tackle various difficulties.