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CCIE Successfully Held 2018 Spring Festival Gala




    The Golden Rooster dances away with the old year and the Year of Dog welcomes the spring festival.

        On the afternoon of February 12, 2018, CCIE held its 2018 New Year celebrating gala in the recreational hall on the fourth floor.

    The dancing What are you doing got the party started. The light and flexible dancing movse of a handsome boy dressed as a woman and 3 beautiful girls showed full vitality of the wonderful youth. The sketch" Grabbing Red Envelope "reproduces the drawbacks of phone addiction, which advocates people to enjoy their life in reality rather than virtual world in the phone. The sketch " Years of CCIE" heartily represents the versatility of CCIE employees, affectionately extolled their hard working and creative spirit., reflecting the employees sense of belonging for the company.

    Various interactive games interspersed in those theatrical performances and all people actively participated in games playing such as “scramble competition, which promoted joyful atmosphere to the climax step by step. Moreover, There is also a gripping raffle during the event, where everyone held their breath in and hoped that lucky God will be able to patronize himself or herself.

    Finally, CCIE 2018 Spring Festival gala ended up successfully in the game of drumming flowers. The gala was fully self-directed by CCIE employees who performed through distinct themes and in various forms. The joyful and relaxing gala fully represents the confidence and enthusiasm of the company and its people in welcoming the arrival of the new year 2018!